© bryn haswell Calling all Songwriters! Bryn needs your help, could you be the one to write him a song? © bryn haswell   A Haswell Team Production © bryn haswell © bryn haswell   A Haswell Team Production Ladies and Gents, I need you! Whilst Bryn is undeniably an excellent vocalist with a unique voice, who with his background in Creative Writing can aid in the crafting of lyrics, he cannot currently compose his own backing. What he really needs is original songs in order to help further his career. It is incredibly difficult to break into the industry whilst only performing covers, and this is where Bryn needs your help. If you think you could provide lyrics and backing for this young singer please get in contact with him via email by visiting the contact page. Bryn is happy to assist in the writing of lyrics if necessary. The only genres Bryn would not consider are rap and metal. Thank you so much for your help! Bryn Haswell performing live at Bishop FM