© bryn haswell © bryn haswell Introducing Helena Bryn is delighted to be working with the extremely talented vocal coach Helena! © bryn haswell   A Haswell Team Production © bryn haswell © bryn haswell   A Haswell Team Production A Partnership Made In Heaven Helena Davison Webber is the kind of mentor any vocalist would love to have on board. A true veteran of the music industry, she has been entertaining the masses for many years. Although she still performs regularly herself Helena is also an experienced vocal coach, who Bryn has the pleasure of working with. Helena’s aim with Bryn is now to contemporise his voice, further increase his breathing in order to fuel that huge voice of his, and to iron out any small imperfections in his voice. Helena also currently judges contests throughout the North East, recently appearing as a regional judge on Live and Unsigned, a competition that runs throughout the country. Bryn knows that with continued training and guidance, Helena will continue to help bring out the very best in his voice.     Hear Helena’s original track, “Girl in the Picture.” Press HERE!