Charity Bryn has been lucky enough to receive help from numerous individuals throughout his time singing. This is his way of giving something back. Charity and Bryn It is one thing to be able to sing. Lots of people can sing but few get any recognition no matter how good they are. I have been singing and busking for over four years and the majority of people (though not all) seem to appreciate what I do. If you are standing on the streets singing sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. I feel that I have been fortunate to receive support from a number of people and I would like to take the opportunity to support others. A sufferer of depression                  myself, I am very pleased to associate myself © bryn haswell © bryn haswell  Thank you! Bryn and CHUF   A Haswell Team Production Bryn has recorded a version of the well known song “When You Believe” with all the proceeds going to CHUF, which you can download NOW by visiting Thank you to Venture Radio’s Sharon Mclean without whom the single would not have come into fruition, she was the one with the idea.  throughout my career. to support them in a number of ways with the charity “MIND” and I will give time Local charity Radio Tyneside provide music to four stations across Newcastle and Gateshead. A fantastic station who recently celebrated 60 years of broadcasting, the charity have supported Bryn hugely and in return, he aims to support them, with ideas in the pipeline to host a concert for them. Listen in to their fabulous station at Radio Tyneside